Our Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious lunch or a fantastic dinner on one of the most famous squares in the world.
Culture, history, relax and tasty Italian cooking for a moment to remember.

Il Menu


Italian mixed appetizer.
Baked Tomino Cheese with Smoked Ham.
Roman style Herb Scented Artichokes.
Mixed grilled vegetables.
Deep fried Zucchini Flowers.

Cold Dishes

Parma Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella.
Parma Ham and Melon
Buffalo Mozzarella, tomato and basil.
Dried beef thinly sliced, parmesan cheese, arugula.
Italian Cheeses tasting plate.
Italian Cold Cuts tasting plate.


Spaghetti With Cherry Tomato and Basil.
Tagliatelle With Meat Sauce.
Tagliatelle With Boletus Mushrooms.
Linguine With Pesto Sauce.
Pasta with hot Tomato Sauce.
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce.
Spaghetti With Meatballs.
Stuffed Ricotta Cheese and Spinach.
Stuffed Ricotta Cheese and Spinach.
Tortellini In Cream and Ham Sauce.
Tagliatelle With Truffle and Boletus Mushrooms.
Rice with Boletus Mushrooms.

Pasta whit Fish

Spaghetti With Seafood and Tomato.
Spaghetti With Vongole Clams.
Rice with Seafood.


MARGHERITA: Tomato and mozzarella.
NAPOLETANA: Tomato, mozzarella, oregan and anchovies.
FUNGHI: Tomato, mozzarella and mushrooms.
SALAME: Tomato, mozzarella and salami.
PROSCIUTTO: Tomato, Parma raw ham, mozzarella.
LIDO: Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, onions.
AFFUMICATA: Tomato, mozzarella, swiss cheese and smoked raw ham.
4 FORMAGGI: Mozzarella, blue cheese, swiss cheese, caciotta cheese.
ORTOLANA: Tomato, mozzarella, aubergines, courgettes, sweet peppers, sweet corn.
CAPRICCIOSA: Tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, mushrooms, egg, olives, artichokes.
ITALIA: Fresh sliced Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh sliced tomato, and basil. TARTUFO: Mozzarella, mushrooms, truffle sauce.

Roman Specialities

Spaghetti With Egg and Fried Bacon Sauce.
Spaghetti With Pecorino Cheese and Black Pepper.
Pasta with unsmoked Bacon and Pecorino Cheese.
Pasta with Tomato and Bacon Sauce.
Pasta with Fava beans, Pecorino and unsmoked Bacon.
Roman style Chicken Fillet with Sweet Bell Peppers.
Famous Roman Herb Scented Roast Pork with Roasted Potatoes.


Pork Shank with Mashed Potatoes.
Stew Duck with Mashed Potatoes.
Chicken fillet with Artichokes.
Roast chicken served with potatoes.
Fried chicken cutlet with fries or salad.
Oven Baked Pork Ribs with Mashed potatoes.

From the Grill

Grilled Beef Steak.
Grilled burger (200gr) in bun with french fries or salad.
Grilled Tenderloin Steak (Fillet).


Oven Baked Sea Bass.
Grilled red Prawns.
Fish Mixed Grill.


Mixed or green salad.
Mashed potatoes.
French fries.
Oven Baked potatoes.
Baked Eggplant, mozzarella, tomato.


PRIMAVERA : Mixed salad, tomatoes, mozzarella, sweet corn and olives.
TONNO : Mixed salad, tomatoes, tuna, onions, boiled egg and olives.
PAESANA : Mixed salad, tomatoes, beans, onions and croutons.
CHICKEN CAESAR : Mixed salad, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons, dressing.
ALPINA : Mixed salad, cheese, smoked raw ham and mushrooms.
SAPORITA : Mixed salad, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and arugula.
GAMBERI : Salad, shrimps, "Aurora" sauce.
BLUE CHEESE : Mixed salad, blue cheese, pear sauce, walnuts.